Our History

The original Pinelands Bowling Club was founded in 1927 when work began on a new green. The green opened in 1929 and it is still situated in the same location as the present-day club. The first club President was Major P. Gent.

There have been a few mergers during the history of the club, and in 1995 they merged with Victoria Bowling Club to became the Pinewood Bowling Club, with Alan Bailey as President.

Howard Bowling Club was established in 1955 because of the long waiting list for membership at Pinelands Bowling Club and was situated close to Howard Shopping Centre and the canal (Elsieskraal River) which runs through Pinelands. The first President there was Dr C. Hewitson.

For approximately 65 years, there were enough bowlers in Pinelands to sustain the two bowling clubs but, sadly, things changed and numbers dwindled.  In 2010, Allan Dyamond and Peter Southworth from Howard Bowling Club held discussions with Vic Hansen and the late Alex Tame from Pinewood Bowling Club and set about merging the two clubs.

At the time of the merger Howard Bowling Club had approximately 120 playing members and Pinewood had approximately 30 playing members. When the merger was completed in 2011, the name was changed back to Pinelands Bowling Club with Bruce van der Walt as the first President.

Remember when…

Both Pinelands Bowling Club and Howard Bowling Club had very strict rules in “the old days”.

Women had to arrive at the club wearing a hat and wearing no jewellery. They had to wear stockings and their dresses had to be at least 15cm below the knee.

The men had to arrive wearing a club blazer, club tie and hat. They could hang up the blazer in the locker room when they went onto the green, but had to leave the club in their blazers.

Both ladies and men had to go onto the green in single file, with the Skip leading the way, followed by the Third, Second and Lead. Their bags had to be placed in the same order on the bank.

Ladies were not allowed into the bar area and had to purchase their drinks through a hatch.

Thankfully, times have changed!


Today we boast 3 full greens, a training green and a well-equipped clubhouse with bar and kitchen.

The club provides a pleasant environment to get some exercise, enjoy friendships and indulge in friendly recreation and competition. Our members share a passion for our sport, and young and old from all walks of life are welcome to join us in playing this wonderful game.

Committee 2021/22


Rob Kruger


David Möller


Ria Sargeant


Allan Dyamond

Committee Members

Alicia Bell, Margie Cochrane, Megan Hendrickse, Mary Whitelaw

Club Constitution